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10 Social Media Tips in 280 Characters or Less

As we deal with the rise of shortened communication in social media platforms like Vine, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We at iwi Web Solutions would like to help make you successful in a very efficient way, such as being concise with your data. Here are 10 Social Media Tips in 280 Characters or less, feel free to share and Tweet amongst your audience! 

1) Connect #Facebook to #Twitter, but not the other way around.

2) Use the designated hashtag of events (also when you network).

3) Profile: Link to your site, not other social media.

4) Use other software such as Hootsuite to schedule tweets at the best times. 

5) The more you use #Twitter and #Facebook, the better you’ll be at it. They change a lot 🙂

6) Shorten your link to attract the user and track your impressions on that link. 

7) Share life hacks, tips, and advice.

8) Find your sweet spot on when your audience engages and engage at those moments. 

9) Make your audience laugh.

10) Engage in the platforms that are relevant to your brand’s demographic. 

See you soon and happy #Tweeting!