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As we begin the fall season, many businesses and fine folks will be out exploring and enjoying the beautiful weather. Events are flooded throughout the months before winter, and many companies do not have a strategy to engage online users while at a LIVE event. This post was created by iwi Web Solutions marketing professionals, which we hope gives you a head start on engaging with your audience online while being out on the field.

  1.  Make your content valuable: Don’t just throw a hashtag or post out there to compensate for a missing post; instead, give your audience a reason to engage with you by providing compelling and valuable content.
  2. Plan your field promotion/ live event strategy: Each time an event happens, a team with an effective plan will make the time spent out in public well worth the time and money.
  3. Curate the best content: Create great content that will engage your consumer but also retweet, share, favorite, and like content that is relevant to your brand.
  4. Create a passionate community by continuing the conversation: Gain followers and fans that will continue to support your community and engage with your brand.
  5. Use social media to get feedback: Encourage feedback about the event, and take that feedback to your team and colleagues about the quality and success of your event.
  6. Reward the users with the best engagement: Go beyond the share, like, retweet, or favorite and provide the engaged consumer with a physical reward.

These six tips and tricks should help you get a head start to making YOUR live event a success!

See you there! 🙂