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PLEASE BE AWARE that someone is trying to gain access to your email, hosting, website, Identification, and more every day.  DO NOT respond to emails just because they LOOK LEGITIMATE because they could be a clone and part of an illegal attempt to gain access to your login or credentials.

A spoofing attack occurs when falsifying data, website page, imitating a company to gain an illegitimate advantage.

You can many times look at the email and it is not from the company in question – AS YOU CAN SEE in this example THIS EMAIL WAS NOT FROM GODADDY.

Lastly, if there is a LINK –  MOUSEOVER the link and see where it will take you.

DON’T CLICK IT! In fact, if I recognized the company sending the email I would go login into my account directly and NOT via the email notice to ensure I did NOT click a redirect link or downloaded a trojan.