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Your business card is your tangible, physical connectivity portal to the world. It informs customers and other contacts you may have on how to get in touch with you, but it can also be a powerful marketing tool that fuels digital traffic to your online platforms.

In today’s social society, it’s a great idea to promote your social media profiles on your business card. Although it is a beneficial form of plugging your online networks, the plethora of social media platforms combined with limited space can leave you wondering which social media platform to promote.

Our team at #iwiwebsoolution came up with some information to will help you answer that question, to be able to use your business card to facilitate online traffic to your brand. We don’t know which networks necessarily pertain to your business. Still, we do know what guidelines to use to help us decipher any questions or concerns regarding what content to include in a business card if you need some assistance in identifying which ones to include contact one of our professionals TODAY!

Consider the following tips on how to make an effective business card and which profiles should be uploaded to your biz card:

  • Overloading your business cards with multiple social media profiles leaves space only for logos, not URLs, or even QR codes. Potential consumers will be overwhelmed with all of the information and look somewhere else, so be cautious.
  • Promoting multiple social media profiles more than FIVE on your business card dilutes your overall efforts; it’s far better to promote just a few and then use those as a springboard to your other social media profiles if needed
  • You should heavily promote the social media profile(s) that’s most relevant to your company and customer base, and the relationship you share.
  • Finally, business cards have limited space; the more clutter, the less effective they are
  • Promote your website and use that as a central hub to send consumers from the site to all other social media services.

We hope that this can help you when formatting your business card!

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