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The Pros and Cons of DIY Website vs. Professionally Developed

Websites are crucial in this day in age, but having them professionally developed can cost a pretty penny. That’s why many small businesses decide to give it a go themselves. However, while a DIY website may seem like a good idea initially, there is a good reason developers charge so much. There are three aspects to a website that you need to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to build your website yourself.


Would you have your dentist fix your car? Would you have your accountant design your backyard landscape? Would you have your auto mechanic do your business accounting? No. No NO! Because you wouldn’t hire someone who isn’t qualified to do such an important task. So, why would you build your own website if you don’t have the proper experience to do so?

Website developers will know exactly how to take your vision and turn it into reality. They have all the tools, resources, and experience needed to ensure your business has the best online presence possible. They also have the capabilities to create fantastic graphics and subtle aesthetic features that will help establish your brand. Not only that, they’ll make sure it’s mobile-friendly, SEO ready, and that it has a polished, professional, and friendly finish.


It’s no secret that professionally developed websites aren’t cheap. If you have the resources, time, and skill, building your website yourself could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. But not having the experience needed can result in a website that is detrimental to your business.

DIYing your website may be cheaper, but the end result will reflect that. If not done correctly, all the time, energy, and the minimal amount of money invested are wasted. The reason is simple. Some of the most important functions of a website include SEO, proper graphics, mobile-friendliness, and ease of transaction. Most people go in with a great vision and every intention to bring it to life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t turn out how you had planned, and potential customers can sense that.

Website Needs

There are a variety of different website designs, all depending on your business needs. If you are creating a simple information landing page, you could use a cookie-cutter website template. But if you’re selling anything, you need an e-commerce website. And, if your website is your business, such as a project management tool, there are technicalities that require an expert’s eye.

Knowing your needs will tell you whether or not a basic CMS, such as WordPress, will do the trick. If it’s outside your realm of expertise, it’s better to bring in a professional.

The first step in making a decision is to evaluate your options. Do you have the necessary skill-set to create a properly functioning website? If you aren’t sure how to optimize your site for SEO, understand the complexities of creating a mobile-friendly site, or need to set-up a transaction element, let the pros do it. After all, a website is an essential online presence that will bring in customers. It’s best to invest in a professionally designed and well-made website, and reap the benefits in the long-run. 

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