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Are you in search of cost-effective website hosting services?

At iwi Web Solutions, we offer website hosting services to both our design clients and individuals across the globe. By purchasing a website hosting package, you will be acquiring space on a server to store your files. This server functions similarly to a computer’s hard drive, but it allows your website’s files to be accessed from any location. As your web hosting provider, we offer shared hosting or dedicated hosting services to our clients. Our hosting services are primarily used to host websites, files, images, and other similar content.

There are three main types of hosting used for websites, namely shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, and virtual private server hosting. Shared web hosting involves numerous client websites that share the same server partition while having their own space. On the other hand, dedicated web hosting entails leasing and reserving the entire server for a single client’s website files. Virtual private server hosting is a hybrid of the first two options, whereby a website is hosted on its virtual server to prevent interference from other customers’ websites.

Allow us to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the various web hosting types available from hundreds of web companies competing for your business. These packages differ in bandwidth, GB, and DNS.

Shared web hosting is pretty straightforward as the name suggests, with your website hosted on a server shared by other websites. This arrangement allows you to share the cost of the server with other users and enjoy significant savings. However, you may experience poor performance due to the other multi-sites hosted on that server.

Businesses that are just starting with their website usually begin with a shared hosting account to minimize costs as they do not expect to have high traffic. Popular shared hosting options include Godaddy, Bluehost, and others.

Cloud-based web hosting is a new hosting technology that brings multiple individual servers to function as one giant server. This setup allows the hosting company to add hardware to enlarge the grid or cloud, making it ideal for websites requiring major bandwidth, particularly those with high traffic. All grid packages come with pay-per-use options.

In contrast, a virtual private server (VPS) entails one physical server that acts as multiple servers and provides an option between sharing and owning your server. This arrangement gives you greater control over resources and hardware than shared hosting.

Finally, a dedicated web server is considered by many as the highest level of server and is suitable for businesses seeking to grow their online presence. However, dedicated servers are considerably more expensive than shared or VPS servers. Additionally, if you lack the necessary skills, you should consider hiring a system administrator.

Suppose you are using WordPress, one of the most popular web-building platforms in the country. In that case, you may want to consider a managed WordPress hosting package where the hosting provider maintains the website. These packages are slightly more expensive than shared hosting due to the additional maintenance involved.